Further Beyond Fighting 1.0

Violence is no solution – but an option!

The brand new 3D fighting game for iPhone and iPod touch with unique characters that confront each other in a variety of game modes and different venues.

• Complete 3D
• 8 ‘punchy’ characters
• 4 stunning venues
• Detailed graphics
• 4 game modes: Arcade, VS, Survival, Training
• 3 different difficulty levels
• Individual moves for each character
• Up to 8-hit combos
• Rumble when characters sustain damage (iPhone only)
• Online high scores
• Autosave

Fight your way through the Arcade and Survival Mode to unlock new characters.
After a fight in the Survival Mode, your lives will only be partially restored and you have to fight against as many opponents until you get knocked out. Additionally, you can upload all your gained victories onto a high score list to compare your fighting skills with others.
The Arcade Mode requires you to compete against each game character once and to prove that you are the strongest. With each new character that you manage to unlock, the mode is extended by one duel and simultaneously increased in difficulty.

Should you want to close the app during the game, it will save automatically and your progress remains.

The Training Mode contains precise instructions for controlling. Or, you can play and practice off your own bat against an opponent who can be switched to either active or inactive.

The characters have been designed with lots of care and accuracy to create an attractive gaming experience and to bring characters of console quality to a mobile device. Rock-hard muscles, scar faces and hot skirts. To get the player as close to the action as possible, every fight opens and ends with a sequence of the characters. Each character has his own voice that finds expression in these sequences.

While developing the gameplay, steps were taken to ensure that the game consists of fast and smooth fights. The user interface is very clear and makes it possible to enter the game without any practice. Further techniques can be obtained in a training session, such as dodging or using the special kicks, in order to get the most out of your combinations.
The ability to dodge an attack has been introduced next to the usual defense. Therefore, the fights are more spectacular and exciting, but also demand a little bit more 'special touch'.

Each character has its own unique moves that you are able to combine freely!

• 4 Punches
• 5 Kicks
• 2 Special kicks, cause higher damage
• Defense
• Dodging
• Smash

With smart combinations you‘ll get up to 8-hit combos which no enemy can take for very long.


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