AsymmetricHD DreamBoard Theme for iPhone/iPod [Free-DEB/Repo.]

AsymmetricHD DreamBoard Theme for iPhone [Free-DEB/Repo.]

AsymmetricHD DreamBoard Theme iPhone4, iPod Touch 4gen, and other legacy devices as long as it can run DreamBoard

AsymmetricHD features:

- Horizontal scrolling theme with Text based icon on the springboard
- All graphics are Retinized
- 2 in 1 page widgets (Facebook and Twitter) – quickly switch between these two
- Live Weather animation behind the icons
- Temperature Box
- Vertically scrollable page on the last page (page5)
- Badges support for “some” of the icons on the springboard
- All settings are conveniently placed under one setting icon (gear icon on the bottom right corner)
- Easily switch between 12 predefined wallpapers (by tapping the screen) – configurable
- T9 zip code input (to adjust Live Weather animation in the background and temperature) – credits to @mouse0270
- Beautiful text based menu with 3 folders in placed (All Apps, Favorites and Games) – the last two folders are editable from Dreamboard edit mode
- Keyboard input
- Support Icon caches
- With the included PSD file, it practically has endless possibility of icon color (be creative !)
Matching Winterboard Lockscreen theme and PSD file to create custom icon will be included as well
Icon Library

Video Preview!!

Installation and Download

1- AsymmetricHD Free [Download .deb]

2- AsymmetricHD DreamBoard Free (Cydia Source)

- Available for free in the following sources:

  • HackYouriPhone Repo.

. . for sources addresses, Visit >>

AsymmetricHD DreamBoard Theme for iPhone [Free-DEB/Source]



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