DreamBoard Theme: BoxorHD for iPhone/iPod [Free Download]

iPhone DreamBoard Theme: BoxorHD Free [Guide–Download]One of the most amazing DreamBoard themes,The purpose of this theme is to make you spend less time on your iPhone or iPod Touch, slide left and right to reveal information such as:

- Live Weather on the front page (configurable from Drop Up Settings menu on the corner bottom right) – find your zip code here
- Twitter Box Live (Simple, minimalist and gorgeous tweet box to read replies, with dedicated refresh button) – live feed is disabled to preserve battery life
- Rotating RSS feeds reader (configurable)u
- Live Clock Icon – showing local time on your iPhone / iPod Touch
- Rotating Wallpaper (configurable)
- Facebook Widget (slide to the right on the first page)



  • Jailbreaked iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G
  • DreamBoard (Cydia Application)
  • iFile (For Configurations)

Guide – FAQs

How to edit, add or remove app from Games and Favorite folders

  1. Open DreamBoard and tap to BoxorHD
  2. Tap EDIT
  3. in EDIT mode, tap on Games / Favorite folder and click on the App Icon to change/remove
  4. When you are done, hit HOME button to apply changes and exit EDIT mode
  5. Done.

Note: Apps in the “Apps folder” are not changeable (all apps are listed here automatically)

How to create new Boxor HD BIG Icon

  1. Open “icon.psd” and follow the guide inside
  2. Save it as appname.png and put it under root/DreamBoard/BoxorHD/Images/Apps/*here*
  3. Edit Current.plist as necessary
  4. To apply changes, Open DreamBoard, apply default theme and reapply BoxorHD OR you can just simply respiring the device.
  5. Done

How to setup the Live Weather

  1. Click the “Gear Icon” on the Dock and tap “Set Weather”
  2. Find your zip code from this link
  3. Input inside the app and hit “Set”
  4. Close the Input Box by tapping the “X” button on the top corner right
  5. Done

How to Login to Facebook Widget

  1. Navigate to Safari from your iPhone / iPod Touch
  2. Login from there
  3. Respring
  4. Done

(in some cases, you have to open in Safari while in SAFE MODE)

Installation and Download

1- BoxorHD for iPhone/iPod Free [Download]

Version 2.1 | Update

[Please Report Broken Links]

2- BoxorHD for iPhone/iPod Free (Cydia Source)

- Available for free in the following sources:

  • HackYouriPhone Repo.

. . for sources addresses, Visit >>

DreamBoard Theme: BoxorHD for iPhone/iPod [Free Download]



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