120+ in 1 Applets IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]

120+ in 1 Applets IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]Want to get way more than your money’s worth in a single app? Then you’ve come to the right place. Applets is more than 100 apps in one! That’s right, over 100 totally fun and useful applications for one low price, all located in one convenient spot, right on your , touch or iPad.
“A lot of apps for cheap! Immaculate work dev team. 5 Stars.”
-Radical Hacker

“I was blown away.”
-OpenFient Admin
When you download 100 in 1: Applets you get access to more than one hundred applets and counting.
Most importantly, take a look at what you get in Applets:
✔ iPod Alarm Clock (Customize background and LCD Color!)
✔ Contact Safe
✔ Image Safe
✔ Voice Memo
RSS Reader
✔ Fullscreen Camera (with tons of tools!)
✔ System Information (Memory)
✔ Battery Info
✔ Bubble Level
✔ Parking finder
✔ Image Filters (brightness, contrast, color tints, Black & White, and More)
✔ Security Alarm
✔ Flashlight (Customize Colors)
✔ Private Calendar
✔ Cocktails Recipes
✔ Referee Calls
✔ Neon Paint
✔ Password Generator (Multiple types of protection settings)
Periodic Table of Elements
Metal Detector
✔ BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)
✔ BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
✔ BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate)
✔ Required Calories Generator by Activity level
✔ THR Calculator (Target Heart Rate)
✔ Max Rep Calculator
✔ Tip Calculator
Currency Converter
✔ Calculator
✔ Random Number Generator
✔ Tally Counter
✔ Task Timers
✔ Emoji Enabler
✔ Traffic Information
✔ Crazy Laws
✔ Language Translator (over 50 Languages)
✔ Dictionary
✔ Thesaurus
✔ Walk N Text
✔ Fake Call
✔ Fake SMS (Texting)
✔ Fake Missed Calls
✔ Fake Lock-Screen Alerts
✔ Fake MMS
✔ Contact Exporter (Export contacts to CSV File)
✔ Group Email
✔ Facebook tools
✔ Twitter Tools
✔ Notes
Fortune Teller
Famous Quotes (over 20,000!)
✔ Metronome
✔ Plum Bob
✔ Altimeter
✔ Massage
✔ Light Rave
✔ Web Apps
✔ Music DJ
✔ Todo List (Totally Redone!)
✔ Sales Price
✔ Days Until
✔ Jokes!!!
✔ Rhyme Dictionary
✔ URL Shortner for Tweets
✔ Jumpy game
✔ Phone Tracker Prank (not a true GPS, joke only)
✔ Contact Group Manager
Sound Board
✔ 7 Day Weather
✔ Check List Creator
✔ Local Search
✔ Fun Email
✔ Spell Check
✔ Term Extractor
Person Search
Reverse Phone Search
✔ Reverse Address Search
✔ Business Search
✔ Earthquake Tracker
✔ Pair Em Game
✔ Memory Game
✔ Gmail
✔ Google Talk
✔ Google Calendar
✔ Google Docs
✔ Google Reader
✔ Google Books
✔ iGoogle
✔ Yahoo Web App
✔ Fart Machine
✔ Date Calculator
✔ Music Timer
✔ Related Words
✔ Sleep Sound
✔ World Clocks
✔ Group SMS
✔ Contact Group Manager
✔ Mass SMS (Text your whole contact book)
✔ Mass Email
Download 100 in 1: Applets now and get the App deal of a lifetime.
We welcome requests for apps to include feel free to email with your request!
What’s New in Version 4.0
WOW! We have changed the All-In-One game Again!
We have re-designed every app to be a beautiful piece of work. Unlike the other All-in-One impostors we provide Quality apps not junk Apps!
✔ Complete redesign of the app!
✔ A widget with weather and Calendar on the home page!
✔ All New graphics
✔ Bug Fixes
✔ Security Fixes in the settings
✔ Too much to list!
You are going to ♥ Applets


120+ in 1 Applets IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]

VERSION 4.7 | 2011-06-08

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