Utopia HD DreamBoard Theme [iPhone/iPod-DEB/Source]

Utopia HD DreamBoard Theme [iPhone/iPod-DEB/Source]

‘Utopia HD’ is a quite a unique vertical scrolling DreamBoard theme with pages, scrolling bars and widgets.

This theme comes with:

  • Full HD DreamBoard theme with quite some feature
  • SBSettings Theme
  • Lockscreen (winterboard)
  • More custom app-icons (dreamboard)
  • Dailer-skin (winterboard)
  • MediaPlayer-skin (winterboard)

Version. 1.2

  • More category-menu’s
  • Game category-menu is scrollable
  • Color-mods
  • choose SMS-app
  • Slideshow changer (standard images, or camera images)
  • Hidden Utopia page
  • Aligning fixed
  • CallMe buttons-space added
  • RSS-menu

Installation and Download

1- Utopia HD Free [Download]

Version 1.20

2- Utopia HD for iPhone/iPod Free (Cydia Source)

- Available for free in the following sources:

  • HackYouriPhone Repo.

. . for sources addresses, Visit >>

Utopia HD DreamBoard Theme [iPhone/iPod-DEB/Source]



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