Speed Intensifier FREE [iPhone 4/iPod 4G]

Cydia Tweak: Speed Intensifier FREE [iPhone 4/iPod 4G]Ever want to experience faster speeds with your iDevices? Speed Intensifier is the key to your answer to a faster, snappier user experience for your iDevices. Speed Intensifier is actually two tweaks and you can get them all inside Cydia.

The first tweak Speed Intensifier works by allowing users to reduce or remove iOS transitions. As we know that iDevices are all very transition heavy with things sliding and swiping all through the OS and reducing the time waiting for these to complete can certainly make iDevices feel noticeably faster. Settings can be adjusted from Settings > Speed Intensifier where you can change the speed of the tweak, as well as disable it.


- Please do a respring after you have made some changes to Speed Multiplies for the effects to take place.

- Do not Install this tweak on iPad 1 >> drains the memory in seconds

- Do not multiply the speed above 4X >> As safety precaution


Cydia Tweak: Speed Intensifier FREE [iPhone 4/iPod 4G]


Speed Intensifier FREE [iPhone 4/iPod 4G]

- Available for free in the following sources:

  • Insanelyi [Recommended]
  • XSellize
  • SinfuliPhone
  • HackYouriPhone

. . For sources addresses, Visit >>


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