revi-krs HD+SD FREE [iPhone/iPod Theme-Download/Repo]

revi-krs HD+SD FREE [iPhone/iPod Theme-Download/Repo]

revi-krs HD+SD [Retina + NonRetina] for the 4, 3G/3GS and 3G/4G

Super complete! You are going to love the feel of this theme.


  • Full UI+++ More then a 1000 themed images. +2000 in total.
  • All stock icons themed
  • Several Cydia apps icons themed
  • Calculator, dialer,maps, etc… themed
  • Widgets: 2 ( SB and LS)
  • SBSettings theme included
  • iAcces keyboard theme included
  • SnowCover4 theme included
  • qTweeter Theme (located inside the extras folder)
  • MusicBarExtended Theme
  • LiveClock
  • UISounds
  • ProgressGears
  • Battery icons
  • iOS 4.3 ready!
  • Alt Layers!
  • Alt widget ( inside Extras folder)
  • Color Keyboard theme
  • Old images


Installation and Download

1. revi-krs HD/SD [Download V 1.5]

Tip: After downloading the theme, you can change the names of these files: Wallpaper.html, LockBackground.html to remove the widget in the upper part of the screen, if you want clean look and 100% compatible theme, you may rename the files to LockBackgroundxx.html/Wallpaperxx.html or whatever..

2. revi-krs HD Free via

- Available for free in the following Cydia Sources :

  • HackYouriPhone Repo. ‘
  • Insanelyi

. . for sources addresses, Visit >>

revi-krs HD+SD FREE [iPhone/iPod Theme-Download/Repo]

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