Office² HD IPA iPad Download

Office² HD IPA iPad DownloadOffice² HD, the most intuitive and straightforward office document tool available on the , makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS), and now PowerPoint (PPT) files right from your !
Office² HD also offers the most advanced solution for connecting you to all of your stored documents! Access your Google Docs, DropBox and MobileMe iDisk at any time, to securely open and work on any and all of your most important documents!

Creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations is also a breeze with Office² HD. Connect an external keyboard and make editing documents or spreadsheets even easier!
In addition to all of the creating and editing features, Office2 HD also stores ANY file and easily transfers it between any computer for convenient one-stop file storage, just like a USB stick!
Office² HD can open various different file formats (DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT and more), which makes viewing files effortless and ensures easy access to all of your important docs.
Office² HD also delivers:
●GOOGLE DOCS: Office² HD allows you to view and edit the documents and spreadsheets stored in your Google Docs account. Not only does this enhance file transfers to and from Office² HD, you can also edit the same files on the iPad AND from within your web browser.
●MOBILEME: MobileMe users can access files stored on an iDisk, allowing you to open and edit directly on the iDisk or copy them from the iDisk and edit locally.
●Users can also open, edit, save, delete and rename files stored in Dropbox,, and any WebDAV server
●Create or delete folders
●Move and copy files between or within local and ANY cloud folders including:
- Google Docs
- iDisk accounts
- & many more!
●Mount Office² HD as a drive from:
- Mac Finder
- Windows Explorer
- Any web browser on any platform
●You can also transfer files via USB using iTunes.
●Open DOC, DOCX, XLS, PDF, PPT and TXT email attachments within Office2 HD
●Email any file you are working on from within Office² HD
●Character formatting, including:
- Text and fill color.. .
●Paragraph formatting including alignment, indenting, bullets and numbering
●Support for tables, including table creation
●Support for images (inserting from camera roll or pasting from other programs).. .
●Handle multiple worksheets with unlimited rows and columns
●Search and sort cells
●Cell formatting: (bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping)
●Cell types: General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, and Text.. .
●Create, edit and save Powerpoint 2003 .PPT files
●Insert images and countless common shapes.. .

What’s New in version 4.0.4
The following bugs have been fixed:

- iOS5: The ‘Open In’ is now fixed
- iOS5: Copy/paste text from other apps is now fixed
- iOS5: Printing is now fixed
- DOC files saved with a password no longer become corrupted

Office² HD IPA iPad Download


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