Aquaria IPA [iPad Download]

Aquaria IPA [iPad Download]“Stunningly well crafted with a compelling story, beautiful visuals and music, and hours upon hours of action-adventure, Aquaria provides patient gamers with an ocean of depth.”
—Susie Ochs, Mac | Life


Explore a massive underwater world, teeming with life and filled with secrets. Join Naija, a lonely and mysterious aquatic girl, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. As her story unravels, she’ll travel from hidden caves shrouded in darkness, to beautiful sunlit oases.
Control Naija with an intuitive touch screen interface. Use her singing ability to create your own music, affect nearby creatures, move pieces of the environment and even transform Naija into different beings. Combine ingredients harvested from the environment in the “cooking system” to create tasty items. Catch a ride on a seahorse or a giant turtle. Discover new costumes, treasures and hidden secrets. Challenge the ancient gods who lurk beneath the waves.
WINNER “Independent Games Festival: Game of the Year” 2007
WINNER “Game Tunnel: Game of the Year” 2007
NOMINATED “Best Debut” Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2008
“Aquaria isn’t so much a retro adventure as a fresh take on everything that made the old 2D adventures great.”
—Chris Dahlen, The Onion’s A.V. Club
“…Aquaria, if you give it time to boil, starts to feel like the first 10 minutes of Pan’s Labyrinth – a dark fairy tale taking place underneath our feet.”
—Scott Colbourne, The Globe and Mail
“From a design standpoint Aquaria is a triumph. Puzzles and boss fights are just the right complexity and the level design is spot on… From the control scheme to the visual design the game just feels ‘right’ as though all elements are working in harmony.”
—Nathan Cocks, PC Power Play
“All in all, Aquaria is damned good. If you’re at all a fan of 2D adventures – and if you aren’t, what the hell is wrong with you – you’ll find something appealing in its labyrinth of caverns and corals. It feels retro, but totally new; classic, yet fresh.”
—Reverend Anthony, Destructoid
Will you journey to the land beyond the surface and brave the dark sinister waters below? Will you defeat the ancient beings of Aquaria or fall prey to them? Will you find a companion or wander the waters of Aquaria alone?


Aquaria IPA [iPad Download]

Version 1.0 | 2012-02-10

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