Read It Later Pro IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]

Read It Later Pro IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]Read It Later lets you save webpages to read later, even without an internet connection.
It’s been called “a DVR for the web” by the New York Times, Business Week, Time, TechCrunch and more.

When you come across an article or a webpage you’d like to read but can’t at that time, save it to your Read It Later list. You can then read it whenever you have a moment, whether it’s on the couch, during your commute, on the plane, train, or practically anywhere. This allows you to eliminate the cluttering of bookmarks and inboxes with links that are merely of a one-time interest. It’s like a staging area for bookmarks.

View or add to your reading list on any computer or mobile device. You can save articles from practically anywhere: your computer, browser, phone, mobile device, and even from within over 130 applications that have Read It Later Support. All of your computers and devices are tied together by a single account which means you can save an article from work or home and read it on your phone or . Read It Later even remembers where you left off in every article so you can start reading on your computer and pick up exactly where you left off on your phone.
Read articles in Read It Later’s beautiful Article View. Article content is distilled to show the words, images, captions, and videos themselves, giving a clean, consistent reading experience, no matter where the article came from. Adjust the text size, font, alignment, and more.
Read It Later downloads all of your articles for offline reading. You can view your articles even when away from an internet connection, which is perfect for the plane, train, commute and for any iPad or iPod without an always-on connection. Read It Later can download the complete webpage, the Article View, or both!
You can search, sort, and even tag the items in your list. All of your read articles are archived so you can quickly dig up anything you read in the past!
- Share to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Email and 20 other services. (Works offline too!)
- Tap to Save Bookmarklet: Lightning fast batching of links directly from mobile safari. Perfect on sites like Google Reader, Reddit, CNN, or any news portal.
- Send to App: Send links directly to popular apps like Twitter, Twittelator, EchoFon and more
- One Touch Rotation Lock: After rotating the phone, you can lock the orientation, perfect for reading while laying down
- Fullscreen Reader: Expands the reader to the full edges of the screen
- More advanced options to streamline your reading and workflow
- app, pay once and get it on all iOS devices (, iPad, iPod Touch)

What’s new in Version 2.4.4
- Support for iOS 5
- Signing in to Twitter will create a system-wide Twitter account
- Sharing to Twitter will now use the system supplied tweet sheet


Read It Later Pro IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]

VERSION 2.4.7 | 2012-01-27

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