iTunes Error: Not a Valid Application [How to Fix IPA]

iTunes Error: Not a Valid Application [How to Fix–iPhone/iPod/iPad]

Some .ipa files got an error message…

The application could not be added itunes library because it is not a valid application.

How to fix “not a valid application” error [//] ?

  1. Use WinRAR (the best) or similar program to fix the file: You will find in Tools menu >> Repair Archive, just click on this option, after repair reopen the file (.ipa) with iTunes. For about 80% of such errors, this will fix the problem; if you still having the same error try method 2,
  2. Redownload the application “ .ipa file “ and make sure that the uploader is not the same one “you can know that from the file name, usually you will find the uploader name at the end >>


iTunes Error: Not a Valid Application [How to Fix ]



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