2 Steps To Install New ‘Fast’ Cydia Straight From Your iPhone/iPod/iPad!

2 Steps to Install new Cydia

How to Avoid/ Solve / Fix Continuous Cydia Crashes? How Avoid Endless “Cydia Reload” time? How to Make Cydia Faster?
Answer: Install Latest “Fastest” Cydia Version

Advised for All Jailbroken , Touch i & [Any Firmware Version] : To Avoid Endless “Reloading Time’ of Cydia, Sudden Cydia Crashes or Sudden Reboot
How to install Cydia Straight From Your iDevice [Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad -Any Firmware Version]

You will need 2 applications: iFile and Safari Download Manager,
If you already have these apps >> proceed to step 2
If you do not have these apps>> Run
Cydia >> Manage>> Sources>>Add Source>> Type “ http://” or any of the first 5 sources listed


After installation of iFile and Safari Download Manager, Run Safari>> Enter this address ““>> Enter >> You will be given options, Choose Download>> After download finishes >> From Safari lower bar, tap on Downloads>> Tap on the file you have just downloaded>> You will be given options, Choose to “Open in iFile”>> iFile will be launched automatically>> You will be given options, How to run thedownloaded file>> Choose installer>> Wait for few seconds >> The process will ends with “ code=0” >>

Now reboot
You Are Done
2 Steps to install New ‘Fast’ Cydia Straight From iPhone/iPod/iPad! [Any Firmware Version]


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